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Salon, Spa & Tattoo

We know the salon, spa and tattoo & body piercing industry inside and out. We have more than 30 years of salon, spa, tattoo & body piercing insurance experience, and are nationally recognized as the insurance broker of choice when it comes to making sure your business is properly covered with the best policy form available in the industry. We are honored to be the broker of choice for several national franchises. We insure the following types of businesses in our program:

·         Acupuncture and Acupressure Specialists

·         Barber Shops

·         Body Piercing Studios

·         Brow and Eyelash Salons & Technicians

·         Day Spas

·         Hair Salons

·         Massage Studios

·         Nail Salons

·         Tanning Salons

We place coverage for our clients with an A+ XV rated insurer, on an Admitted, Occurrence Based policy form. As a matter of fact, we provide access to the only nationally available, admitted, occurrence policy form for tattoo and body piercing studios. Policies for all of our clients include the following coverage:

·         Abusive Acts Liability (Physical Abuse & Sexual Molestation)

·         Business Interruption and Extra Expense Coverage

·         General Liability (Slip & Fall, Products Liability)

·         Landlords Listed as Additional Insured

·         Professional Liability (E&O; Malpractice)

·         Property Coverage (Fire & Extended Coverage Including Theft, Burglary, etc.)

·         Temporary Guest Stylists & Artists Covered Automatically

·         Sign Coverage

·         Surface Piercings Covered Automatically

·         Genital Piercings Covered Automatically

·         Liability Coverage Automatically Extends to Off-Site Work Including Exhibitions, Shows & Fairs

·         Independent Contractors Included as Insureds


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